benefits of online nutrition coaching and flexible diets

What is stopping you from starting right now?

What is stopping you from starting right now?


We are getting into the months of the year when all things health and wellness get pushed to the side. If you know you want to make a change, then why are you waiting?

We’ve all heard that question before we take a leap of faith and try something new. We are here to tell you, your feelings are valid. Why would you want to give up the good stuff right before the celebration of holidays begins? What if we told you, we believe in helping you find a balanced way of living? The answer may not even be what you consider a “diet” at all.


The great part about understanding your body’s needs when it comes to food as fuel, is that you don’t have to give up holiday meals or pack your own meal to attend functions this year. There is no greater time to have a coach on your side to help guide you through the winter holiday months. Here are 5 specific reasons why hiring a coach during the holiday season is a good idea:


  1. You will gain trust with yourself that you can maintain healthy habits after working with a trained coach. You don’t have to do something perfect to have a coach. They may just have the right tips and tricks you need to get you through without gaining your usual 10 lbs this holiday season.
  2. You will learn what the right amount is for your body and your goals. Scientifically, there are many reasons why the average dieter loses weight while restricting calories and shortly after gains it back. A good coach will ensure that you lose the weight or gain the muscle the right way so that not all is lost when you decide to venture off on your own.
  3. Start feeling good and recovering better than ever with the appropriate amount of food and recommendations from your coach. Many people have no clue how bad they feel until they start feeling good. Why spend another 3 months not feeling the best you can?
  4. Remove the feeling of thinking you need to make a change and step into the action of change itself. With the guidance of a coach, you will gain the confidence you need and remove the constant feeling of being out of control around food. Perfect or not, change will be made when you begin taking action steps against binge eating, under-eating, roller coaster dieting, bad habits, etc that you’ve been struggling with.
  5. After hiring the right coach, you will naturally gravitate towards the healthier option because YOU chose it. Your coach may provide you with a meal plan and all the tools for success you could need. When the time comes that you choose the better option over any other option by yourself, you will understand why hiring a coach during the holiday season was the best move you could’ve made for your health this year!

-Jordyn Burnidge, Coach