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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t end in the kitchen. At Functional Eating, we’re passionate about helping our clients deepen their understanding of nutrition and connecting how it impacts your short and long-term health. From flexible diets and daily nutrition, to recipes and race day nutrition, our resource center is your one-stop-shop for everything related to health and wellness. 

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  • Have you noticed a matcha latte at your favorite coffee shop? Or seen a package of matcha at the store and wondered what it is? Matcha is a green tea powder with numerous health benefits that has taken on popularity

  • Have you noticed a matcha latte at your favorite coffee shop? Or seen a package of matcha at the store and wondered what it is? Matcha is a green tea powder with numerous health benefits that has taken on popularity

  • Ways to Support Your Thyroid Thyroid disease affects around 30 million Americans, mostly women. Many people don’t realize that lifestyle habits can affect the health of your thyroid. With January being Thyroid Awareness Month, now is the perfect time to learn

  • One of the most important ways we can assure good habits is to make our habits align with our values.  Do they help us achieve a sense of fulfillment or are they only leading us to goals that leave us

  • Building a Better Sleep Routine If nothing else, I think we can all agree good, quality sleep is something we as human beings can never seem to get enough of. Although there are a whole slew of factors which play into

  • Do you start off each day with the biggest goals for health but maybe by 6pm you’re eating leftovers from your kids’ plate or hitting the drive through on the way home from work?  Maybe you can walk by the

  • We see weight loss and health products all over the internet. Most cost way more than any of us want to spend, but we find ourselves spending money anyway; anything to make our lives easier or more enjoyable. When it comes to your

  • When starting a nutrition program what are your expectations?  Most of us are focused on losing weight, or seeing body composition changes, or maybe it’s muscle gain we are after.   But could there be unexpected results and benefits from

  • In a first of its kind boxing match, Josh Bridges and Jacob Heppner have come to an agreement to put the training methodology CrossFit on full display through combat within the ropes of a boxing ring. With an impressive 11

  • What is one of the most successful ways to solidify a new habit?  Curate your environment for abundance, NOT scarcity! Often with habit formation, or any change in our status quo when we are seeking different results the focus immediately goes on

  • Setting Yourself Up for Success Typically, we don’t rise to the level of challenge we face, rather, we fall to the level of preparation we have. This is why military units spend so much time training and simulating for their mission.

  • Less is More The phrase “less is more” is often thrown around in many areas of our lives, but what does it mean in the realm of health and wellness? Every day, everywhere we look, we are constantly bombarded with a never-ending

  • Enjoy the Process The vast majority of people are not training for something so specific that they need an incredibly restrictive diet.  There are times when a particular goal or event might result in dialing in nutrition so strictly that indulgences

  • LESS IS NOT THE ANSWER When we are talking about losing weight, often we think less is the answer.   It has been drilled into us since we were young.  Eat less, lose weight.  But Is that really the answer?  And

  • Summer is right around the corner and with that comes vacation.  Whether it's a week-long trip or a weekend getaway, it can be daunting to think about how to manage your food during that time.  It’s very common to be

  • What is one of the most crucial ways to help solidify the habits you want for your lifestyle? Self select into communities where your habits, or the habits you desire, are normal. Why is community so important to the success of

  •   Jacob Heppner is a household name in the CrossFit community. He is a retired CrossFit athlete who has inspired many people to pursue their fitness goals. More recently, Heppner has become the owner of our company, Functional Eating, which serves

  •   Here at Functional Eating, we live by the motto "Temper Your Lifestyle." The "Temper Your Lifestyle" philosophy is all about living life to the fullest while maintaining balance, health, wellness, and a strong, determined attitude. It is a mindset that

  • Functional Eating is a company that offers personalized nutrition coaching and guidance to individuals seeking to adopt a healthier and more sustainable eating pattern. Our company's approach is based on science-based nutrition and dietary recommendations designed to promote long-term behavior

  • With a myriad of conflicting information available, it's easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of your nutrition goals in this fast-paced world we live in. Fortunately, the rise of online nutrition coaches has provided a convenient and effective solution.

  • In today's fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy relationship with food has become increasingly challenging. With the increase in unhealthy food options and misinformation around nutrition, it's crucial to find effective ways to develop a better relationship with food. Functional Eating