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Building a Better Sleep Routine

Building a Better Sleep Routine

If nothing else, I think we can all agree good, quality sleep is something we as human beings can never seem to get enough of. Although there are a whole slew of factors which play into our sleep, both negative and positive, one thing which can help significantly is creating and sticking with a sleep routine.

Many of my fellow parents out there know how helpful it can be to build a solid sleep routine for a newborn; if you did not, I HIGHLY suggest you look into it moving forward and thank me later. But just like it signals to your little one it is time to wind down and prepare for sleep, a sleep routine can do the same for us! 

Once you have come up with and begin to follow your own, unique sleep routine, you will likely find yourself spending less time thinking about the awkward thing you said in class in the second grade and more time catching z’s! 

Things to consider when building your sleep routine: 

  • Turn off those handheld devices. These are a constant source of overstimulation and blue light, which has the exact opposite of a calming effect on our brain. 
  • Focus on things which help you relax and feel at ease. Reading, meditation, stretching or even some pillow talk with your significant other without screentime is a good starting point!
  • Lower the lights. Our circadian rhythm is a natural process that regulates our sleep-wake cycles, which cycle around daylight. Winding down and lowering the light around you will help signal your body to produce melatonin- which promotes sleep.  
  • Keep it cool in the bedroom. No literally- keep your bedroom a cool and comfortable temperature to promote sleep. 
  • Don’t be afraid to use this time to account for your nutrition goals as well! A snack with slow digesting protein and some carbs might be a great addition to fuel your engine over night.

In doing these things, we are effectively shutting out the things which will stimulate our minds and focus on the things which calm us, and get us into a parasympathetic state ready to rest and digest!

My personal sleep routine is as follows:

  • Once my toddler goes down, I shut off or dim all the lights in the house
  • I wrap up any work I have left to do for the day
  • I eat my last “snack” of the day, typically consisting of a slow digesting protein and the carbs I have left
  • My wife and I will watch an episode or two of a mindless show to unwind
  • Bed time

Occasionally, I will throw in a variable like a hot shower, stretching or breathwork, but the bulk of my routine stays consistent. Since I have implemented this in my life, I have noticed huge improvements in my sleep quality as well as my ability to fall asleep much faster! I think it may help you too! Give it a try! 

Coach Zach