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Show up for YOU!

One of the most important ways we can assure good habits is to make our habits align with our values.  Do they help us achieve a sense of fulfillment or are they only leading us to goals that leave us wondering, “Now what?” If we don’t believe the results are worth the effort then what’s the point?  If we take that mindset all the way down to its most important base we find that we have to believe we are worthy of our own best effort and worth giving ourselves our own best 110%

Why? Well, we have all of these things that we love right? Our family, friends, relationships, our jobs, our community, anything that we are involved in that we constantly pour out and into.  But what happens to our cup? It gets empty.  Even when we are filling it with the good stuff.  Even when we are constantly going back to the well, or waterfall, or the universe or whatever it is that you fill your cup with.  We continue to pour OUT.

What the world tells us is, “Frequent the well, and then don’t pour everything out, leave some of that for yourself.” But that leaves the leftovers and don’t get me wrong while I’m a huge leftovers fan, leftovers aren’t enough.  They might be enough to survive on for a while, but they aren’t enough to thrive on and all of us at Functional Eating want to see you THRIVE! I want to see you thrive.

Let’s pivot the thought process and see what happens if we don’t move the cup.  What would happen if we turn the faucet on with all the good stuff like nutrition, movement, sleep, personal development, rest, and community, and then we never move the cup.  What happens?

Our cup OVERFLOWS.  Our cup is never empty and in fact it is always full, and everything that is pouring out isn’t leftovers it’s extras.  It’s exponential extras.  It’s all that incredible goodness that we are filling ourselves with that we want to fill other people with.  You never get the leftovers and neither do the things that matter most to you.

THAT is why you’re here.  Because you want to show up for others with your best effort and you want to give your 110%, but what I would ask of you is that you give YOURSELF your own best effort, you give YOURSELF your own 110% so you can overflow instead of pour out.  How often do you tell yourself that? Have you EVER told yourself that? If you’ve told yourself do you BELIEVE it like you believe it of others?

The community at Functional Eating believes it of you, and when you forget we will remind you, over and over until we are blue in the face and then some more.  We know that when you are giving yourself the very best you function at your very best, you can accomplish the things you set out to do, and make incredible impacts on the things you love.  It isn’t just about eating right its about having the mindset that it isn’t everyone else that deserves you at your best, but YOU deserve YOU at your best!


  1. Drink some water
  2. Eat a veggie
  3. Log your macros
  4. Be brave

Let’s Get Started!

-Challenge Coach Shauna