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Solidify Your Habits: Community

What is one of the most crucial ways to help solidify the habits you want for your lifestyle? Self select into communities where your habits, or the habits you desire, are normal.

Why is community so important to the success of habit building? We were not wired to be alone, we were not wired to be islands.  There is an intrinsic reward system when we are apart of a community.  What we look for and what we self select into are communities where our values and the habits that we want are considered NORMAL.  It’s not just that these people that are in the community already have what we want, it’s that they want to continue doing those things that we think are important as well.

They have what we want and we want what they want as well.  We self select into communities where the things we value are also valued AND are normal.  Communities where its normal to create a healthy lifestyle, its normal to strive to create a healthy environment around you, its normal to want balance so we can have indulgences AND still make healthy food choices.Many of us are looking for communities that support our complete health, not just having a particular physical aesthetic, but being able to keep up with our children or grandchildren, performing our workouts at a certain level based on our personal fitness, and being able to live life out loud unhindered.  That’s why community is so important, our community understands our desires and supports us in our pursuit of them because the community ALSO values those things.

Start inside your own home, your micro-community, getting everyone involved, and then work your way out.  When you step outside your home are the groups you are involved in groups that help your habits stick because they value the same things you do? Are the groups you are choosing to be a part of helping you establish, keep, and sustain long term healthy mindsets and habits? Surround yourself with people who value your pursuits and also consider them normal.

It’s easier to stick to habits when the habit is shared by the entire pack!


  1. Drink some water
  2. Eat a veggie (or two or three)
  3. Log your protein
  4. Be brave

Let’s Get Started

-Coach Shauna