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Less is More

Less is More

The phrase “less is more” is often thrown around in many areas of our lives, but what does it mean in the realm of health and wellness?

Every day, everywhere we look, we are constantly bombarded with a never-ending stream of “diet-hacks,” “get fit quick” gimmicks, and overly complex training programs. It is honestly enough to make anyone’s head spin.

We see this constant stream of amazingly lean, fit people on social media showing off their insane physiques or athletic achievements, and each time they are chalking the results up to a “new” diet model, supplement line, exercise program, etc. The natural response to this would be “where on Earth do I start??”

It is very easy to start focusing on one thing, for instance our nutrition, and become discouraged when we do not see overnight results. What next? Time to add the newest HIIT program being pushed by my favorite influencer! A couple days pass and we still haven’t achieved our dream physique; time to add that new ab program I saw advertised on Instagram!

Today’s demands mean we are trying to balance a million things, which means none of them are being given the level of commitment and time required to see any results. What do we do next? We get discouraged and give up. “This just isn’t for me,” we think; “I guess I’m just not meant to be healthy!”

Does this sound familiar? Let’s talk about how we can simplify things and cut through all the BS of a bloated, runaway fitness industry which aims only to prey on people who are desperately willing to believe the claims of rapid weight loss, because everything else they have tried was overly complicated and impossible to be followed for any real length of time.

Looking past all the wraps, fit teas gimmicks and so-on, the one thing I can most certainly guarantee all your favorite fitness influencers have in common is a balanced, healthy diet comprised of real foods in moderate portions. Plain and simple, it truly does not have to be any more difficult than that.

This extremely simplified view of nutrition may seem insultingly simple, but I promise a consistent diet of whole foods in the proper amounts which keep us feeling fueled without taking in more food than our body can handle, will produce healthy and sustainable results over time.

This is one of my favorite things as a Nutrition Coach. Anyone can promise arbitrary “results” with this program; but when my clients start to focus on eating good, clean foods (*for the most part, I am all for pizza and ice cream in moderation*) in the amounts and proportions I lay out for them, they very quickly feel the difference. They begin to feel more energetic and start to notice better workouts in and out of the gym.

Speaking of the gym, one very common misconception I often hear is that if someone cannot commit to multiple strenuous training sessions six or seven days a week, they will never reach the goals they are aiming for. Unless those goals are becoming the next CrossFit Games Champion or Mr. Olympia, this is once again untrue. Again, less is more! You will get more from your training sessions if you take the time to let your body recover between sessions.

Simple is often best… and Less is More.


Coach Zach